Our Success Stories

• Successful installation of a total processing and storage system solution at Arivia.kom. The client needed a systems integrator to consolidate three disparate systems. Our solution included infrastructure and architecture recommendations to address current and future client needs.
• With the supply and installation of state-of-the-art computer and storage capacity from Lechabile, the South African Revenue Services were able to handle the increased workload and increase the efficiency of their business.
• The implementation of SAP/R3 at Petronet and SAPPI using Lechabile's competence and potential.
• The implementation of the paperless collaboration project for Cabinet using LOTUS (Kite Project).
• The implementation of a specialised Case Management System, incorporating an investigation management application, advanced data analysis and customized MIS for the National Prosecution Authority, aimed at making the NPA one of the most technologically advanced law-enforcement units in the world.
• Performing a Proof of Concept of the Electronic Data Management Systems, data warehouse, query and trend analysis solution for the South African Revenue Services (SARS).
• The development and implementation of Phase One of the e-Government Gateway. This e-Government Gateway aims to facilitate access to all information about, and services provided, by the government. The vision of the Gateway is to provide on-line access to government services, anytime, anywhere.
• Successful implementation of SAN and TSM has ensured that Ethekwini Metro has an effective backup and restore solution that can be done without impacting their online transaction systems which are critical for providing service delivery for the citizens.
• Successfully implemented a Risk Assessment and a Management Solution at Telkom. This solution allows Telkom to identify business risks, to analyse and make strategic decisions based on the weight given to these risks. This tool changes Risk Management from being reactive to being proactive, potentially saving companies millions in profit due to the nature of the risk.
• Assisted National Ports Authority to develop a B2B Portal for monitoring and managing the ship movement , cargo coming into the ports and a B2E Portal to be used for streamlining their internal processes.

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